Feet padded with sea-

Shells, or something of the sort

(a thinly soled shoe from foreign manufacturers

whose only drink is the pebbles of sweat

dripping from hot foreheads.)

Industrious, just like you and me.


i will continue to produce our relationship

from the salt in my eyes and the pedal of my brakes,

i will continue to work for the both of us.


My neighbors grin at me and I see,

straight through their crooked teeth

into houses rotting at the corners

and peeling drywall like sunburnt skin,

it seems as if their homes have been exposed

to the elements. have i become so, too?

my blood drier than sand, as it pours into you.


i will continue to destroy myself,

a perfect reflection of insanity

i will continue to destroy you too.

September 21, 2017